Jessica Minesinger, FACMPE

JESSICA MINESINGER, CMOM, CMPE, FACMPE, is the President and CEO of Surgical Compensation & Consulting (SCC). A firm believer in the power of data and analytics, Jessica empowers physicians to navigate compensation opportunities, negotiate successfully, ensure pay equity, and identify cultural fit.

With an extensive background in surgical practice development, management, physician contracting, compensation analysis, and human resources, Jessica deeply understands the unique and often complex nature of the business side of medicine. After running a trauma and acute care surgery practice for ten years, Jessica was inspired to leverage her knowledge and expertise to help physicians negotiate their value throughout every stage of their careers.

Jessica has been invited to speak at professional medical and surgical associations and organizations for medical students, surgeons, and physicians of all specialties.

Jessica is also an MGMA Consultant, specializing in Compensation Consulting for Individual Physicians, Small Practices, and Healthcare Organizations.